Thursday, October 22, 2015




9 to 11th December 2015 (Wednesday to Friday)
Session 1: 9 to 12.30pm OR Session 2: 1.30 - 5pm 

Who is suitable to participate:
This camp is suitable for new beginners (age 5 to 7) who are exploring classical music and interested to pick up an instrument. 

Learning outcome:
Participants will be able to perform simple piece(s), learn and understand the fundamentals of music through a well-structured and fun approach.

Content of camp includes:
  • Instrumental playing (Piano, Violin or Cello)
  • Rudiments of Music
  • Aural Training (Singing in Solfege, Rhythmic, Melodic Dictation etc...)
  • Music Appreciation (Composers, History, Storytelling etc...)
  • Performance
  • Chamber / Ensemble Playing
  • Interactive Activities (Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff)
Cost of camp is $250 which includes materials and rental of instrument (Violin or Cello).

Further enquiries please email us at