Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Forté Piano and Strings Competition 2018 Results

Category A

1st Prize - Kuah Moon Siong 
2nd Prize - Eng Pei Chen
3rd Prize - Thet Htun Zaw
Category B
1st Prize - Aimi Fujii and
(shared)     Charissa Ooi Ke Han
2nd Prize - Sophie Keong Zhi Ling
3rd Prize - Kieran Chua Kai Ren

Category C

1st Prize - Jamie Michael Lam and
(shared)     Kate Lauren Lam
2nd Prize - Estelle Goh
3rd Prize - Claire Tan Yu-Ching


Category A

1st Prize - Vanessa Woo Shi Rui
2nd Prize (shared) - Joen Chan Kai and
               Thia Ming Rui

Category B

1st Prize - Gao Wenyue
2nd Prize - Celeste Woon Shi Ya
3rd Prize - Dawne Tan Yu-Toong
Category C
1st Prize - Natalie Teo Enya
2nd Prize - Tong Yong Jian
3rd Prize - Tong Yong Kang
Honourable Mention - Anmi Fujii
Category D
1st Prize - Lucas Bee Jia Kai
2nd Prize - Kay Ng
Category DC-A

3rd Prize - Kirsten Wong Siew En & 
                 Sarah Foo  Zhi Ning              

Category DC-B

1st Prize - Claudia Khang & Isabelle Khang
2nd Prize - Claire Ng & Megan Chua and
(shared)     Genevieve Ong & Phoebe Wong

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