Sunday, April 7, 2019

Pictures from Èclat Concert 2018

Congratulations to all who performed at the Èclat Concert 2018! Here are some photos of the solo and ensemble performances:

Charissa Ooi

Kate Lam

Isabelle Khang, Claudia Khang

Lucas Bee

Aimi Fujii

Tan Chunrui (violin), Jonathan Lee (viola), Eddie Sim (cello), Angelies Earlnus (piano)

Yvonne Lee (violin), Wei Li (viola), Eunice Koh (cello), Fu Weihao (piano)

Forte Camerata String Orchestra

Kieran Chua

Natalie Teo

Sophie Keong

Anmi Fujii

Estelle Goh

Vanessa Woo

Kuah Moon Siong

Eng Pei Chen

Jamie Lam

Gao Wenyue

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