Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In Youth Company 2019 - Esplanade Concourse

In Youthful Company
 @ Esplanade Concourse

On 11th April 2019, Forté presented a chamber music program at the Esplanade concourse. It was a good experience for the students having to give two consecutive performances with just a short break in between!  Thank you to all who came to support and for those who missed it, here are some pictures!

Forté Camerata

Violin Trio - Claire Ng, Ashlyn Chin, Alyssa Chin

Violin Quartet - Lucas Bee, Phay Kai Chuen, Kate Lam, Kay Ng

Piano 6-Hands - Estelle Goh, Alina Soh, Katelyn Chua

 Piano Trio - Natalie Teo, Dawne Tan, Kieran Chua

Piano Quartet - Kate Lam, Lucas Bee, Choo Vee Shen, Claire Tan

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