- Forte Musicademy Student Achievements -  

SMTA Gold & Platinum and Chamber Music Competition Awards

Piano Solo:  Claire Tan
Aimi Fujii
Kuah Moon Siong

Piano Solo: Grace Chan Ying
Eng Pei Chen
Charissa Ooi (3 Gold Awards)
Joseph Xu

Piano 4 Hands: Eng Pei Chen & Joseph Xu
                       Thet Htun Zaw & Kuah Moon Siong

Violin: Anmi Fujii
Renee Toh

Chamber Music Competition - Joint 3rd Prize
4-Violins Quartet: Lucas Bee, Claire Ng, Kate Lam, Kay Ng

String Quartet : Joel Chik, Phoebe Wong, Genevieve Ong, Lenard Oh

Winners of Vienna Virtuoso Festival 2018

Sophie Keong

1st Place Winner
(Young Musician Category - Piano)

 Sophie Keong was invited to perform  in Vienna for the Gala Award Ceremony of the Vienna Virtuoso Festival as the First Place Winner of the Young Musician Category - Piano. Congratulations!

Summer Lee

2nd Place Winner
(Junior Category - Piano)


Eng Pei Chen

 1st Prize: Beginner A - 8y/o and below
1st Prize: Preparatory A -  6y/o and
2nd Prize: Free selection A - 6y/o and 


1st & 2nd Grader Category
  Anmi Fujii (4th Prize)

4th Grader Category:

 Aimi Fujii (5th Prize)


Prodigies Category:

      Charissa Ooi (Silver)   

   Sophie Keong (Silver)

 Young Musicians Category:

Lucas Bee (Gold)

Grace Chan Ying and Kieran Chua (Piano Duo) - Bronze

Chamber Music Category: 

Estelle Goh, Alina Soh, Katelyn Chua
(Special Prize: Original Ensemble)

Pictured here are the winners for the Brilliant Talent Discovery Award International Music Competition 2018 with our Head of Keyboard Ms Karen Wong after the prize giving ceremony. (from left - right, front row: Grace Chan, Charissa Ooi, Sophie Keong

back row: Kieran Chua, Estelle Goh, Katelyn Chua, Alina Soh, Lucas Bee and Ms Karen Wong)


Estelle Goh 

Claire Tan

Grace Chan


Ian Chan
First Prize Winner & Young Exceptional Talent Special Prize

Kate Lam
First Absolute Prize Winner

Sarah Saw
First Prize Winner


Claire Tan
Advanced to the quarterfinals of the Piano Junior Category

Kate Lam
Advanced to the semifinals of the Violin Junior Category


Taryn-KumThomas was awarded 3rd prize for the Russian A category and a prize winner in the General Petite Category.


 Lenard Oh who clinched the First Prize in the Strings Category as 
  well as the Grand Prize at the 2017 Barett Music Competition.  


Sophie Keong (Children Category) - Gold
Kate Lam (Junior B Category) -  Silver
Charissa Ooi (Children & ABRSM Grade 7 Category) - Silver
Estelle Goh (ABRSM Grade 8 Category) - Bronze
Isabelle Yeo (Junior C Category) - Bronze

Congratulations to Ian Chan

Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition 2017
1st Prize Winner + "The Best Chopin Performance" Special Prize
 Ian has been selected to perform at the Gläserner Seal, Musikverein (Vienna) in September 2017.

Congratulations to Sophie Keong

Backstage with Sophie at the Carnegie Hall after a successful performance for winning the First Place and the Judge’s Distinction Award (Young Musician Category) of the American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition 2017!

Congratulations to Charissa Ooi

International Music Competition ‘Salzburg’ Grand Prize Virtuoso 2017
Absolute 1st Prize Winner + Exceptional Young Musician Special Prize

Charissa at Carnegie Hall after winning the First Place and the Judge’s Distinction Award (Young Musician Category) of the American Protégé International Piano & Strings Competition 2017, Charissa Ooi performed at Carniegie Hall on 16 April with great success!


First Prize and Distinction Award Winners
American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2017

Charissa Ooi and Sophie Keong have been selected as the First Prize Winners in the American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2017 (Young Musician Category).
In addition,they were awarded the American Protege Judges Distinction Award (Plaque Trophies) Winners, an honour that was given to only 4 students in the Young Musicians Category.
Through Charissa’s and Sophie’s achievements, Forte is the only Music School from Singapore to produce a First Prize or Distinction Award winner across all categories in this year’s competition.
Charissa and Sophie will be performing at the Winners Concert @ Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall) New York City, USA on 16th April and 1st July respectively. 
More information: 

  Third Prize Winner
American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2017

Congratulations to Chan Ning for being selected as the Third Prize Winner (Junior Category) of the American Protege International Piano and Strings Competition 2017. Chan Ning will be performing at the Winners Concert @ Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall) on 26th November 2017.

Forte Piano and Strings Competition 2016

Piano Cat A 
1st Prize - Charissa Ooi Ke Han 
2nd Prize - Sophie Keong Zhi Ling
3rd Prize - Grace Chan Ying

Piano Cat B
Shared 2nd Prize:
Claire Tan Yu-Ching, 
Sarah Saw Yu Wen

Piano Cat C
2nd Prize - Chan Ning

Strings Cat A
1st Prize - Gao Wenyue
2nd Prize - Ethan Goh
3rd Prize - Alastair Tham

Strings Cat B
1st Prize - Kay Ng
2nd Prize - Isabel Choo
Shared 3rd Prize:
Dawn Lim, Tong Yong Jian

Strings Cat C
1st Prize - Kate Lauren Lam
2nd Prize - Claire Ng
3rd Prize - Lucas Bee

Strings Cat D
Shared 3rd Prize:
Phoebe Wong, Lenard Oh

High Scorer for Piano
Charissa Ooi
Chan Ning
Sophie Keong
Kate Lauren Lam
Claire Tan
Jamie Michael Lam

High Scorer for Strings
Bensche Lim
Julius Laude
Natalie Teo
Madeleine Laude
Ang Zien Xu
Phay Kai Chuen
Claire Ng

Best Progress Award - Piano:
Clare Tan Lin

Best Progress Award - Strings:
Ang Zien Xu
Dr Eleanor Tan Bursary Award:
Cayden Ong



Kingsburg International Piano Competition 2016

Sophie Keong Zhi Ling (age 5) - Gold with Excellence Award

Claire Tan (age 9) - Gold Award

Ryan Wong (age 8) - Silver Award

Charissa Ooi Ke Han (age 5)- Silver Award

6th Performers Festival, 2016

Gold Awards
Charissa Ooi (age 5) - Piano
Sophie Keong (age 5) - Piano
Estelle Goh (age 9) - Piano
Chan Ning (age 13) - Piano
Gwyneth Syn (age 18) - Piano
Lucas Bee (age 8) - Violin

Rhapsody Open Piano Competition 2015 

Panna Murdaya (age 5) - 1st Prize in Preparatory Category
Viriya Murdaya (age 6) - 1st Prize in Preliminary Category

ChildAid 2015

Quartet: Lieu May Yen (violin 1), Natalie Koh (violin 2), Gwyneth Syn (viola), See Yongzi (cello)

Singapore National Piano and Violin Competition 2015

Chan Ning (age 12) - Semifinals in Intermediate Category (Piano)

Isabelle Yeo Hui Qi (age 11) - Quarterfinals in Junior Category (Piano)

Cylvin Sim (age 13) - Quarterfinals in Intermediate Category (Violin)

Phoebe Wong (age 9) - Quarterfinals in Junior Category (Violin)

Singapore Internationals Festival of Arts 2015 - (Celestial Remnants)

In collabration with T'ang Quartet

Joel Chik (violin 1), Winston Yang (violin 2), Ethan Ho (viola) and Derrick Low (cello)

Young Talents Project 2015 - 92.4fm

Top 30 finalist
Chan Ning, piano (age 12)

5th SMTA Performance Festival, 2014

Chamber Music Competition

1st Prize:
Gwyneth Syn (piano)
Lieu May Yen (violin)
Lau Yun Xi (cello)

2nd Prize:
Ting Tyng Nyi (piano)
Joel Chik (violin 1)
Ethan Ho (violin 2)
Derrick Low (cello)

3rd Prize:
Michael Huang (piano)
Jalen Ng (violin)
See Yongzi (cello)

Violin Platinum:
Claire Ng (age 8)

Violin Gold:
Kay Ng (age 7)
Jalen Ng (age 13)

Piano Gold:
Kate Lauren Lam (age 6)
Chew Yae Ting (age 7)
Brandon Lim (age 8)
Chan Ning (age 11)
Teo Wee Ann (age 11)

Young Talents Project 2013 - 92.4fm

Top 10 Grand finalist
Michael Huang Wei Cheng, piano (age 12)

2013 National Piano and Violin Competition

Junior Category: Nicole Mok Wing Yeng (Semifinalist)

ChildAid 2012

Magic Bows 
Duet: Jalen Ng & Cylvin Sim
Trio: Nicole Mok, Lieu May Yen, Lau Yun Xi
Quartet: Chester Tan, Lieu Kah Yen, Samuel Lieu, Xavier Chia

Ignis Internum: The Young Pianist Competition 2012 - Intermediate Category

1st Prize: Michael Huang Wei Cheng (10 yr old)

1st Ars Nova International Piano Competition 2012 Singapore

Solo Junior 9 under
Finalist: Benedict Huang Sheng Kai (age 7)

4th Singapore Performers Festival 2012

Winner of Concert Prize "PFOMM Concerto RehearsalExperience Prize"
Lieu Kah Yen

Forte Musicademy Chamber Music Scholarship
Michael Huang
Jalen Ng
See Yongzi

Platinum Award:
 Lieu Kah Yen (solo violin)

Gold Award:
Nicole Lee Yue Yi (solo piano)

Chester Tan Jue Jun, Lieu Kah Yen, Samuel Lieu, Xavier Chia (String Quartet)

Michael Huang, Jalen Ng, See Yongzi (Piano Trio)

Lim Wanqi, Lim Miqi, Ng Way, Claire Tay, Megan Lim (Piano Quintet)

Silver Award:
Nicole Mok, Lieu May Yen, Lau Yun Xi

National Piano & Violin Competition 2011 - Violin Senior
3rd Prize : Wilford Goh Yu Xiang (age 18)

National Piano & Violin Competition 2011 - Violin Intermediate
Finalist : Lieu Kah Yen (age 14)

National Piano & Violin Competition 2011 - Piano Junior
Semi-Finalist : Nicole Mok Weng Yeng (age 10)

Yamaha Piano Competition 2011 - Intermediate
1st Prize : Michael Huang Wei Cheng (age 9)

Dynamicworkz Piano Competition 2010 - Junior
Finalist (Certificate of Merit): Teo Wee Ann (age 7)

Dynamicworkz Piano Competition 2010 - Intermediate
1st Prize : Michael Huang Wei Cheng (age 8)
2nd Prize : Dai Xi Chen (age 9)
Finalist (Certificate of Merit) : Nicole Mok Weng Yeng (age 8)

3rd Singapore Performers Festival and Chamber Music Competition 2010

1st Prize : Piano Trio, 12 yrs old & below
Tan Li Kai (Piano) (age 9)
Lieu May Yen (Violin) (age 9)
Claire Lam (Cello) (age 8)

1st Prize : Piano Trio, 16 yrs old below
Cheryl Tan (Piano) (age 13)
Lieu Kah Yen (Violin) (age 13)
Benjamin Chew (Cello) (age 14)

Gold Award :
Lim Mi Qi (Solo Violin) (age 13)

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